With Clare’s work you are tuning into her deepest thoughts. Her work is about emotions rather than causes – her fears, passions, memories, frustrations, motherhood and of course, the nature that surrounds her, with its recurring changes, are all inspirations and a constant reminder of our inner beings and our very own seasons.


The making process embraces the use of a wide range of textiles, textures and techniques. The process is inspired by a deep appreciation of the traditions of fibre, form and shape - embroidery is the finishing factor, the ‘inking in’ of the work that is essential for completion. 



Her choice of colours is very direct and intuitive. Colours are placed directly on the fabric as to not disturb the meditation. With Clare there is an overwhelming need to make – an urgency to get the emotion expressed, resolved and released. 

Lives:           Ireland


Born:            1977               UK


Education:   1996-1997     Central St Martin's College of Art London


                      1997-2001     BA Hons Fine Art at University


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